$BOAR Farming differs from the traditional ‘Social-Fi’ system by offering genuine and equal opportunities not created by popularity or size.

$BOAR hosts two fully automated off-chain raffles in preparation for its four on-chain counterparts. With 3.5 million $BOAR to be given away, this is your chance to win BIG!

$BOAR functions as a conduit for transactions within the AFBN ecosystem. Users may leverage $BOAR tokens for a wide array of activities within the platform.

How the token economics work are explained both thoroughly and transparently. Bottom line? There’s a 1% tax in, and a 3% tax out on all transactions.

Your time is valuable. Your efforts matter. This isn’t a popularity contest, and you won’t need to spam social media to prove your worth. You earn exactly what you put in here.

Book of Automated Raffles offers an equal and fair distribution of $BOAR before the contract is live. 📜 total’s are automatically converted into ranks displayed in My 📜 Count.

Individuals can earn 📜’s by completing daily activities and quests, referring people to register, or by playing Pacman. No Wallet Connection will be required. Ever.

Unleash the potential of $BOAR, transcending the limitations of meme tokens and ushering in a new era of financial empowerment within the AFBN ecosystem. With its groundbreaking four-tiered automatic raffle system, investors stand the chance to win big once every 150 contestants, reshaping how profits are made on the Blockchain. As we pave the way for the future, $BOAR not only ensures secure transactions and diverse utility but also prepares for the imminent launch of an Online Casino and DeFi Wallet System, complete with its own DEX SWAP capability, promising unparalleled opportunities for growth and prosperity. Join the revolution and redefine your financial journey with $BOAR.

How Book of Automated Raffles Works (on-chain)

$BOAR introduces an exciting and automated raffle system designed to reward community members and foster engagement within the A Few Bad Newbies (AFBN) ecosystem by usig the Solana Blockchain. Here’s how it works:

1. Eligibility Criteria

  • To qualify for the raffle, participants must purchase exactly $5, $25, $150, or $500 worth of $BOAR Tokens four times within a 24-hour period.
  • Each exact transaction threshold represents its own automated Raffle System on the Solana Blockchain within the $BOAR Token ecosystem.
  • Each purchase acts as a single entry into the raffle, with 4 entries required for raffle eligibility.

2. Winner Selection

  • Once the maximum of 150 contestants is reached, the system automatically selects a winner from the pool of eligible participants.
  • The selection process is entirely random, ensuring fairness and transparency in the distribution of rewards.

3. Raffle Payouts

  • 50% of each qualifying investment is vested until the raffle winner is chosen, while the remaining 50% goes to the investor as usual.
  • The winner receives all vested tokens once selected, providing an exciting opportunity to earn substantial rewards.
Cost per EntryRequired EntriesVested TokensMin/Max Contestants# of WinnersWinner’s Payout
50% of Entry Cost is Vested & Used to Pay Winner of that Raffle. Remaining 50% Works As Normal Currency.

4. Additional Details

  • It takes four individual entries to become eligible for that Raffle Tier.
  • Only one eligibility capability per wallet is permitted per raffle, preventing unfair advantages and promoting equal participation.
  • If a participant fails to complete all four qualifying transactions within the 24-hour window, any vested tokens will be returned to them.
  • Transactions made beyond the four qualifying purchases will not contribute to the raffle and will be treated as normal investments.
  • Once the winner is automatically paid a predetermined token value from the accumulated vested entry fees, a new raffle cycle begins, offering continuous opportunities for community members to participate and win.
  • Absolutely no tokens from any of the Raffles are distributed to anyone else except for the designated winner from each.
  • Everything happens on the Solana blockchain, through the $BOAR Solana Program, and everything is completely automated.

The $BOAR raffle system adds an element of excitement and reward to the AFBN ecosystem, encouraging active engagement and participation among users. Join us on this thrilling journey as we redefine digital currency and community interactions with Book of Automated Raffles.

Transaction Medium

$BOAR has functionality beyond the built-in automated on-chain raffle systems, and each one separates this currency apart from any other token before. These functions are as follows:

$BOAR serves as a secure and efficient medium for transactions within the AFBN ecosystem. Users can utilize $BOAR tokens to engage in various activities and transactions within the platform.

1. Merchandise Shop:

Within AFBN, $BOAR acts as a currency for purchasing items from a diverse merchandise shop. This shop consists of over 250 products, ranging from baby apparel to hats and everything in between. Users can seamlessly browse through the offerings and make purchases using $BOAR tokens.

2. CryptoGuard Insurance:

$BOAR Tokens provide users with the ability to purchase any tier of CryptoGuard Insurance within the AFBN ecosystem. This insurance offers added security and serves as a safety net for investors, enhancing trust and confidence in the platform.

3. Advertising & Promotion Packages:

Users can leverage $BOAR tokens to access various advertising and promotion package options within the AFBN ecosystem. These packages are designed to boost visibility and engagement through strategic marketing efforts, ultimately fostering growth and community expansion.

4. IERC20 SmartContract Crypto Creation:

$BOAR facilitates the creation of IERC20 “EVM” SmartContracts within the AFBN ecosystem. This functionality adds versatility to its use cases, allowing users to create customized smart contracts using $BOAR tokens as the primary currency.

5. Online Educational Portal:

$BOAR grants users access to an online educational portal via crypto payment within the AFBN ecosystem. This portal enhances the learning experience by offering a wide range of courses and resources that users can purchase using $BOAR tokens.

6. DeFi Wallet & Swap Service:

AFBN is in the process of launching its own DeFi Wallet & Swap Service, compatible with EVM chains, Bitcoin, AVAX, TRON, and Solana. Users will be able to seamlessly swap between different cryptocurrencies and tokens within this platform. Additionally, 0.05% of all transactions conducted through the DeFi Wallet & Swap Service will be allocated for random buy-back and burns of $BOAR tokens, contributing to ecosystem stability and token value appreciation.

7. Upcoming Decentralized Online Casino Currency:

In the future, $BOAR will serve as the designated currency for an upcoming decentralized online casino within the AFBN ecosystem. This functionality will enable users to participate in various casino games and activities using $BOAR tokens, further expanding its utility and appeal.

8. Upcoming MMORPG In-game Currency:

Similarly, $BOAR tokens will act as the in-game currency for an upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) within the AFBN ecosystem. This feature will provide users with a seamless gaming experience, allowing them to purchase in-game items, upgrades, and other virtual assets using $BOAR tokens.

By encompassing these functionalities, $BOAR establishes itself as a versatile and integral component of the A Few Bad Newbies ecosystem, facilitating diverse transactions and interactions across various platforms and services while also offering innovative DeFi solutions for seamless cryptocurrency management and trading.

$BOAR Token Displacement
% of 100,000,000 Supply

Token delegation is the art of spreading our digital assets across multiple platforms and initiatives, ensuring widespread accessibility and active participation within our ecosystem. With a total supply of 100 million tokens, we’re strategically allocating 22 million tokens to trusted exchanges like Raydium and Coingecko, as well as reserving 22 million tokens for a forthcoming top-tier centralized exchange while 20.5 million tokens will be reserved for Marketing and Token Burns. This distribution not only enhances liquidity but also fosters a thriving marketplace for our token.

In addition, we’re dedicating 8 million tokens to the $BOAR Farming Pool, where users can sow and harvest rewards in the form of $BOAR tokens, employing meticulous mathematical models to ensure fairness and efficiency in token conversion (example below), simply by being active daily!

Unlike traditional “Social-Fi” Airdrop Farming, we’ve chosen a different approach that benefits everyone equally by introducing Ranks with fair-share allocations of tokens. If your accumulated points place you in one rank at the time of airdrop, you will equally share the delegated tokens based on and with the amount of people in that particular rank. Meaning, hypothetically, if 10,000 people also manage to make it to the 3rd Rank, all 10,000 people equally share 1,600,000 $BOAR Tokens. This same concept applies to all 5 Ranks, and Ranks are obtained through both activity and referrals.

Moreover, we’re igniting excitement within our community through exhilarating raffle events. The $BOAR main Free Raffle, with 3.5 million total tokens up for grabs, features a diverse range of prize tiers, catering to various levels of engagement and participation. Meanwhile, the $BOAR daily free raffle offers every individual the chance to receive 23,809 tokens at contract launch before pairing, injecting continuous enthusiasm into our ecosystem. Maximum of 105 day duration.

There will be a single delegation of 2,000,000 $BOAR Tokens allocated to our sole investor as compensation for the initial LP contribution. No other tokens will be awarded to any other of the $BOAR Admin team. Instead, the core four shares 1% total (0.25% each) of every transaction both in and out. The 1% tax for the Admins occurs as Solana tokens instead of $BOAR tokens, ensuring there won’t ever be team market manipulation nor insider trading. In addition to the 1% BUY and SELL tax as explained above, there is a 1% LP tax and 1% automatic $BOAR BURN tax on every SELL transaction to ensure an increased scarcity and ongoing increased value.

By masterfully orchestrating token delegation and captivating our community through enticing incentives, we’re not merely launching a token; we’re crafting an immersive, dynamic ecosystem where every participant is empowered to thrive and succeed.

Earning Pages:

  • Activity on the web app, referring friends, and completing daily quests will earn you pages.
  • Regular activity earns 1 page, completing daily quests awards 2 pages, and successfully referring a friend offers 5 pages.
Activity1 📜Free
Quests2 📜’sFree
Referrals5 📜’sFree
Pacman.0001 📜’s per Point
(max 50,000 points a day)
Unnamed Quests may provide additional 📜’s

Exchanging Pages for Books:

  • Every 200 pages automatically assigns 1 Book.
  • Each rank is based on the amount of held 📜’s.
  • Therefore, the more pages you accumulate, the more Books you passively acquire.

Ranking System based on Books:

  • Your rank is determined by the number of Books you have. The maximum rank is 5 Books.

Allocation of $BOAR:

  • Each rank (or level of Books) has an allocation of $BOAR tokens.
  • The total allocation for each rank is 1,600,000 $BOAR Tokens, shared equally among individuals in that rank.
1 Book1,600,000
2 Books1,600,000
3 Books1,600,000
4 Books1,600,000
5 Books1,600,000

Effect of Rank on Token Distribution:

  • The distribution of $BOAR tokens theoretically favors higher ranks.
  • Higher ranks theoretically should have fewer people, which means more tokens per individual compared to lower ranks where more share the same pool.